Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goodnight Jesus

Easter came and is almost gone
and I didn't make it to church

but I was around a lot of people
in states of sharing and touch and love

dancing together

what would Jesus think?

Life is good celebrate life

What was Jesus for?

To remind us to wake up
from the sleep of unforgiving
the sleep of resentment
tbe sleep of forgetting to love
our neighbors

Why is that a sleep?

What's not to love about the one
who lives next door?

They do what you want:
easy love.

They do what you don't want:
harder love
and you can love them for developing your love

and who can we love right
who is a bit hard

that's the Easter game
the egg to hunt

who are we holding out on loving
and what is the story
by which we are protecting ourselves
from loving
the "boundary" behind which our castle/ kingdom
can stay at war with theirs

give up the war
give up the kingdom
the kingdom is within

we are all one


and happy bunny


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