Friday, January 20, 2012

love is everything, love is blind, the heart isn't

I used to post on this blog on Fridays, and then paste it in the the
waking movement waking love blog also

who knows if i'll start doing that again


here goes:

love is everything, love is blind, the heart isn't blind

the heart isn't blind:
it knows what it loves:

it knows whom it loves:

and then we find someone to hang out with,
mate with, partner with, marry

all that is good
and then what happens
and where is this
blindness they
(the famous "they")
talk about when they say
"love is blind?"

blind to the possibilities of disaster
if you or I are counting on love
to carry the wood in
or cook the dinner
or make the car payments

love can be an incentive to do
all that
but we have to make real efforts
and real movement in
the world to do these
and many other

and so;
why chop the wood
or weed the garden
or go to work

for love

wait wait
isn't love about the yummy hug partner
go to bed with
make kids with
talk to


and love is about
moving our life through love
with grace ease and gratitude

and I still haven't discovered why love is
and the truth comes out:
these pseudo poems are me
discovering what I know

as I go along

and love is blind
if you want it
if I want it
to translate into control:

as in: just because I adore you,
you won't snore
you won't get upset
you won't make ridiculous demands of me

and with blindness
I am "surprised" if you are less than perfect
and get all twisted and
forget to love you

so then, love is blind to the obvious:
i'm imperfect
you are imperfect
that's perfect

it wants the other person to be perfect

and the other person is

it's just that there behavior sometimes
is not what's best for our life
and we have to say no,
or let's spend some time apart
or let's talk about this while we are present
or let's do the work of Byron Katie

and if the heart isn't blind:
what's that mean?
we can always always always love
another person,
whether we are saying yes or no,
the heart can see through the nonsense,
the demands they may be making
the demands we may be making

love and the heart can always
let the person live
if need be
find ways to create some "room"
for ourselves
if that's what we need

This is a fine ramble
there is a lot in here
I can use
and perhaps
you, too

may love speed your day

happy discovery Friday,



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