Monday, February 08, 2010

98: Getting it Straight

Getting it straight: we don’t run the show

Think of someone who has done you some “wrong.” In the past.

It is over.

Think of the statistical probability of your changing what they did in the past.

Think now, in a wishing and wanting and even whining sort of way, how “it” should have been different, how they should have been different, how Reality should have been different.

Wish/ want/ whine really hard.

Notice if anything has changed about the past.

Notice (as per question #3 in the Katie work, our reactions when we attach to the belief) how all that wishing and wanting the past to be different has made us feel.

Now, think of the same situation, as if it is over. As if we have zero chance of changing it. Consider not thinking about wanting the past to be different. Do this and bring your attention back to now, which is….? Sense, look, listen.

Feel how free this feels.

Notice how you can do something in the present, stand up, sit down, pay attention to breathing, sing a song, go for a walk.

And notice how all these things might be totally neglected if you are back trying to “fix” the unchanging past.

So, here’s today’s game: when the “past should have been different” thoughts come up, stop and realize it. Maybe even write them down. And then grunt and groan and strain and see if the past changes. If not, come on back to the present and see what is here for you.

Right now.

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