Tuesday, February 09, 2010

99: Having a Good time with variation from NOw

buffalo meat won't you come out to eat, complete with egg yolk

Changing in the present

The past can’t change.

The present can.

Often we do things exactly the way we’ve always done them.

We had a day, a ways back as part of the 108 days, of trying “something new under the sun.”

Today, pay attention to whether or not you are in the present.

When you get there, pause and breathe and just enjoy “being.”

And from that being, think of options.

Options about WHAT you could do next.

And options about HOW you could do next whatever you are going to do.

So, you finish your breakfast, and pause. You could brush your teeth, read the paper a little, take a walk, make a short phone call.

The walk could be fast, a new route, the usual route, slow, on the insides of your feet, skipping, pigeon toed, bow legged, singing, following your breathing, counting your breathes, counting your steps.

Don’t worry about what you decide.

Just play with the possibilities and stay present to how that is all going.

All day.


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