Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day Thirty-six: The Importance of Love

We can wonder how this life came to be our gift. We can appreciate the glory of other people. We can practice and perfect loving other people in all the strange and amazing, and often “annoying” ways they manifest. Good.

Other people are a gift to us, and sometimes we remember, sometimes not.

Oh, well.

If we are present, we might experience other people more as what they are: amazing and complicated creatures, almost all of whom want more love, appreciation and approval in their lives and almost all of whom forget that they are not the center of the Universe.

An easy way to remember this is to be present enough to our own feelings and emotions to realize when we imagine we are the center of the Universe, to realize when we are stuck in wanting more love, appreciation and approval from others.

This is good.

They are just like us.

Can we love them just as they are, by being so present that we see people as light and sound and spark and craziness and brilliance, and don’t have any words for what we see.

Just see them in the present.

Keep awaring our own breathing and arms and legs and spine and look and allow them doing whatever they are doing and however they are.

Doing the work, over and over: here is how I feel and live in question #3, when I believe they should be such and such a way.

And here ( in Question #4 land) is how I feel and live and realize when I don’t have any attachment to them being any different than exactly as they are.

And maybe in here some kind of leadership that isn’t demanding.

Maybe in here, some sort of playfulness that isn’t mean. Don’t be too good.

Enjoy anyone and everyone you encounter today. Don’t especially believe them. Don’t take yourself seriously, except the amazing serious/ not serious gift of awareness as the gift of life and the gift of knowing, now, now, now: yes, I am alive, and knowing this as experience of your experience right not.

Not as words.

Even these directions, words. Let them be merely an indicator, a pointer of a way to go and be.

Good: enjoy me, says God.

Enjoy me, says life.

Enjoy me, says the trouble and the good times.

Enjoy me.


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