Saturday, May 01, 2010

Day 41: Having Fun

More of the "Functional Integration" lesson, aka Neurological Upgrading

Ah, fun. Not a bad way to spend one’s time, and sometimes we worry we will waste our lives. What a pleasant dilemma.

Ah, fun. This can be an excuse to have a life where “nothing gets done,” and then again, from what I’ve seen of how Picasso went about things, or the Mozart of Amadeus presentation, having “fun” and being delightfully productive are not incompatible.

And, hey, I am trained in the Anat Baniel Method and the Feldenkrais Method, educational transformation modes wherein we use all sorts of slowing and awaring and using less effort and varying the how of something to create amazing improvement in function.

So, today, play at various things in various ways. What does that mean? You get up. Have some fun thinking of one or two things different you could do in going about getting dressed. And then some exercise or a walk: an obvious place to vary a little or a lot your usual routine.

Or, you have to rush off to work.

Oh, well. Rush with a whistle. Rush with following your breath. Rush with a smile. Rush with no cell phoning, or no radio, or whatever your usual diversion.

Have fun throughout the day noticing whatever is your habit, and then playing with two or three other ways of going about something.

I’m typing on keyboard. I can tilt my head one way and the other as I type. I can press one elbow into the surface it’s on and then concentrate on my pelvis on the side, then the pelvis on the other side, then the other elbow.

I can watch the screen and rotate my nose right and left, and follow my breathing as I type these words.

I can try to distinguish the different feel of different fingers as they type these words.

Driving a car you could sense the different fingers of each hand. Walking you could discover all the toes. Breathing in could you find something different than breathing out.

And this is fun?

Could be. Doesn’t sound like the act silly kind of fun, which could be part of your day. More life finding freshness and newness in everything you do. Give it a go.

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