Friday, December 01, 2006

technical difficulties

beautiful earth

This will hopefully be a picture of the earth, c/o NASA.

My father once worked for Nasa, at the Houston Manned Space Flight Center back in the get a man to the moon days.
He and everyone else succeeded.

Now it's get the people into their bodies, into the present and back to Earth, before we ruin it.

And be happy on the way.

Actually, if we aren't happy, we are going to keep doing the things that wreck the Earth. See the earlier Conversation with Gub, #7, on the importance of simple pleasures.

This is called technical difficulties, because someone sent me an e-mail of all these nice earth images, and I couldn't get them into this posting. So I went to Nasa.

On the way to the moon, you discover, home is here.

So, be good to yourself and the Earth and if you want happness or awareness ideas, feel free to browse through past essays.

There are literally hundreds of them.




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