Friday, December 08, 2006

You are Alive: the Miracle of it All

We are alive. That's a miracle. In this season when the days get shorter and the night moves toward the longest night, when the dark is strong and the cold is rising, some people tell the story of a birth of a miracle.

And yet, every birth is a miracle, an event of huge magnitude in this immense universe, and each day is one more miracle granted to us in our life.

Are we savoring that miracle?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, probably.

And to be aware of when life is sweet and amazing for us is to begin to pull back from all those forces that want us to rush through our lives in some sort of forgetful frenzy. Always preparing, planning, worrying, regretting, scurrying from one item on the "to do" list to the next, short of breath or forgetting to breathe in our anxiety to "get it all done," accepting invitations we wished we had the courage to decline with grace and honesty, plowing ahead in states of tension and dis-ease and forgetting that one little detail:

We are alive.

We are alive and this is a miracle, this every second of this miracle of our life.

Sometimes, taking off in a happy sprint, or dancing up a storm, or skiing down and beautiful mountain, the joy of speed and motion can be one of life's great thrills. But the rush/ rush hurry/ hurry speed with which we are stressing and dis-easing our lives, this is all a distraction from the miracle.

We are alive.

Could slowing down help to remember this miracle? I think so.

Could coming outside, reconnecting our feet with the ground, reconnection our eyes with the sky, our lungs with the fresh air, our souls with the fullness of nature, could this help us remember this miracle? I think so.

Could allowing ourselves to slow to the natural human pace, the pace of walking, the joy of shifting right to left to right to left, with the pelvis swinging one way as the shoulders swing the other, feeling ourselves propel ourselves with delight and ease as human beings are meant to move, could this facilitate our inner peace and joy and commitment to the wonder of life?

I think so. What about you?

( This continues with "Moving and Learning, the Miracle continues," at WakeUp Feldenkrais)

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