Monday, January 29, 2007

Brain Food and the Waking up of Unavowed Dreams

This is to go on notice that these essays require thinking, and hence might be considered brain food. Some might like this. Most won't. If it's not short and fluffy and entertaining, hopefully with a tad of sexual provocation, then it's on to something else.

So be it.

One of the amazing fall outs of spending my last nine days going back into a training, this time in a separate and to my mind, radically evolved, version of the Feldenkrais work*, was the waking up of unavowed dreams, wishes that were lingering in me that I had no idea were there. Feldenkrais said that this was the deepest purpose of his work: for people to achieve their vowed and unavowed dreams.

(*The evolutionary offshoot is the Anat Baniel Method, by the way, and the training is still open. If you want to transform your life, I'd advise signing up. And tell them I inspired you.)

I woke up last night and did the usual, and then I wanted and hungered for something more. This hunger was for intricate and complicated and beautiful classical music. I had some Bach on my iPod and that started to slake the thirst, the hunger that I didn't know was there, but iPod is a reduction of the CD sound and somehow I have a craving for depth of complicated and beautiful music, which will have all the more brilliance and nuance and complexity if I can find really good earphones and listen to a CD rendition.

And then the music is Bach and so the singing is in German and I have a craving to fulfill the beginnings of learning German in college and getting so excited and then not following through.

Along with this, a craving to finish a learning in physics, since Anat recommended a book by Richard Feynman, who was a professor at the college, Caltech, where I went to for the first two years.

The book, Five Easy Pieces, is excerpts about physics from Feynman's text for freshman and sophomores at Caltech, called, simply enough, the Feynman Lecture's in Physics. I got a B, but I didn't really encompass and understand this in depth back when I was nineteen. Another unavowed dream that I'd forgotten: time to buy or borrow the Feynman Lectures.

(January 29, 2007)

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