Saturday, February 24, 2007

For love of Life, for love of Now: Wow!


Life is good.

Sometimes we forget, sometimes we feel bad, sometimes other people don't treat us the way we want to be treated, sometimes we have pains and "issues" and clunkiness and overweight in our bodies, sometimes our thoughts are gloomy and dark.

And this is all good, it's all food, as if it is compost for our minds to make beautiful soil for a beautiful life.

And how to make this compost?


Do the work of Byron Katie.

Come into the present.

Do Wake Up Feldenkrais , exploring and learning again as we did when we were a child combined with coming into the present,
via the wonders of the the Feldenkrais Method.

Come into nature.

Take a walk.

Follow our breathing.

Eat organic fresh seasonal food, slowly and with love.

Make or help in an organic, permaculture garden.

Understand what we can learn by slowing down and doing the work of Byron Katie, what we can learn by slowing down and doing the Wake Up Feldenkrais work, slowing down and recalling all that we are grateful for, slowing down and noticing:

What is it like, right now, to be alive and aware on this beautiful planet.

Right now: what is our life?

And then this now: what is it like?

Right now: what do we like?

Right now: what do we love?

If we are happy, great,
we can
love and enjoy it.

If you are not happy,
that's what all these blogs are for:
after years of sufferinga and learning,
I offer to you ways inward,
ways to learn
and transform
and heal,
wonderful ways and
pathways to ease the suffering and reconnect us to vitality, joy, health, happiness , awareness and learning.


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