Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What happens when we realize
we are asleep
and want to live a more full and awake
and wonderful life?

we can go right back to sleep
by telling ourselves that
we waited so long to discover this

we can go to a more interesting sleep
and make a dedicated vow to be all
the time awake

we can cultivate an awareness of what
we like
what we love
in the moments of beign awake

we can cultivate a taste for the difference
a hunger for the real
a subtle alertness to the quality of our life

we can laugh when we wake with a start
to knowing
once more
that this now
is it
this is our life

we can smile with happiness
and breathe a sigh of relief:
i'm home again.
i'm here
i'm now,

what is my life right now?

how nice to realize that is
a fine
and fun
and fruitful
place to put out attention:

what is my life right now?

there is love
and amusement
and some little sweet and amazing

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