Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sleeping Life, and Life with Divine at the Center

Sleeping life is thus:

doing what we always do.

Doing what we hope, want others to approve of.

Doing what we are "supposed" to.

Having a mind full of "thoughts,"
which are auditory hallucinations of us saying the same things,
over and over and over.

Responding according to program.
sadly at Ananda:
how do you feel asked by teacher,
and the robot
Awake and Ready.
Ready yes, to please,
but awake,
to the feel of feet on floor,
the vibration of sound in throat,
the quality of light
Right Now.

Usually not.

And yet,
a big longing for Ananda
at least they knew
and wanted
connection to
Something More,
Something Higher.

The Divine in life,
the Delight at the Center of it all,
the Joy that Haffiz
sparkles us to
over and over in his poems.

So, what's next
for this seeker,
who isn't clear how to get
what he's seeking?

The work of Byron Katie
as usual,
leads me
and anyone straight to heaven.

Is it true
I should know exactly or even slightly more than I do
what to do next?


If I want more clarity than I have
what happens:

If i give up the story
of wanting a clear way
to resolve the longing,
who am I?

Just the way
you are
without your story.

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