Friday, September 21, 2007

Available for public speaking



Slowing Down, Enjoying Life More, and
Saving the Earth

Loving Your Enemy, Undoing the Grudges,
and Releasing Emotional Stress

Elevating Posture
and Mood
at the Same Time

Aging Happily:
Growing stronger,
smarter and more
flexible as we grow "older"

Weight Loss via 3 Paths:
Food combining and /or
Raw foods and/or
Eating in mid day

How to increase
emotional intelligence &
physical intellegence

Moving Easier and Freer
as we Grow Older

Gardening as Pathway
to the Soul and the Soil

Now, Nature and Love

Bad Backs:
How to improve back, brain,
breathing, and sense of humor
all at the same time

Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais,
and vitality, well being
and health

Slow Foods, Real Gardens,
Coming to our Senses

Coming to our Senses:
the foundation of a good life

Gratitude and Forgiveness:
Practical Pathways
to Happiness

This is a good start, eh???


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