Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fat Tuesday

fava beans
this was early summer, Fava Beans. These guys
are long gone.
A garden is a good place
to remember:
the shift
of seasonal time

today's the last
official Tuesday
official summer

next Tuesday
will be
official fall

the seasons

we change

i went up to Santa Rosa
the possibilities
of subsitute teaching:

to make some money
to be of use
to see how
my ideas of learning
and communication
pan out in the real world

to explore
ways of really
getting brains
in action

to see what goes on
in schools
and teachers' mind
these days

if we keep turning
out people
as dumb
and asleep
as most Americans
seem to be

the planet seems

is that true?
i don't know

sounds dramatic

and i don't have to get in
a froth
about it

i just think kids
are amazing
and school
seems to not be a place
where real
takes place very often

oh, well

life is good

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