Saturday, September 01, 2007

Leaving Sonoma, 1


Ah, so sad.

And is that true?

All good things come to an end,
and some things aren't just right,
for various reasons:
people grow,
the other person doesn't.

People change and
the place changes the opposite way.

When I came to Sonoma
it was much more rural
much more small town
much more influenced by creative,
land oriented people
of the nonslick variety.

I started a beautiful garden
with the name
Pauline Bond Community Garden,
that got changed
to Garden Park
and my goals
of a spiritual, and deeply ecological
have been either dropped or watered down.

For two years
I've been offering
work that can transform people's lives,
and help open up amazing possibilities.

It is out of the box,
not a big strain big gain
look sexy kind of thing.

People have stuck to their ruts,
not taken advantage of this work.

Young people,
really creative people
thrive on this.
Somehow Sonoma doesn't seem to have enough
of this,
nor enough bicycle riders,
nor enough home gardeners
nor people willing to forgo sugar and wheat
and study what Price Pottenger has to offer,
people excited to apply Permaculture
to their land and their lives,
people excited by the miraculous possibilites of The Feldenkrais Method
and the Anat Baniel Method.

The shift to crowded
and yuppie,
the emphasis on wine, wine, wine,
land values,
the next event,
wine tasting,
food testing,
nice froth,
becoming the second Aspen,
so cool,
so slick

where is the slow
the aware life,
the life
without the cell phone
and the wine glass
and the rapid fire
empty words?

So maybe I'll leave,
we'll leave,
and yet,
to leave without
love and
would be crazy,
harsh to myself,
and to my life now.

As long as I'm here,
loving what is,
means loving Sonoma.

hello Sonoma,
i love you while i'm here,
and when i leave,
goodbye Sonoma,
i'll love you, too,
and love another
new place as well:



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