Friday, October 19, 2007

Big Picture: the Sweetness of Now

water bear Reed College
Skies above, Earth below, we are alive on a beautiful planet. The planet is in trouble, which means: we are fouling our nest, and the nest of millions of other species.

At yet: this moment can always be a beautiful one for us, if we are truly present to the miracle and the actuality of our being alive. Right now.

Right now: we are breathing
Aware of it, or not aware of it.

Right now, we are living in the ocean of gravity
We sit, lie down, stand, walk, run, swim
Anything we do is an adjustment to gravity
A use of ourselves in the gravitational field
Can we have a field day being aware of this

Right now,
Sitting at a computer
How do our feet relate to the ground,
And our bottoms
Are we leaning back on the chair
Are we slumping or arching our backs,
Can we feel what we are doing with our sternum and
Our neck

Our eyes
Right now
Taking in light
Is this a delight

The big picture:
A big world
That can use our help
And if we are happy
We don’t need to rush so much
Don’t need to buy so much
Don’t need to make others unhappy
We can just tend our gardens and take a walk and talk to
Friends and be content in the present

Be joyous in the present
A present to ourselves
A present to the Earth
A present to those around us

And when is the best time
To start coming home,
Home, Home, Home
To the sweetness of now?

Ah, right now.

Love is waiting,
Only love.

This is part of the new pattern
Monday: something on yoga or tai chi
Wednesday: Parenting
Friday: the Big Picture

everyday: something


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