Saturday, October 20, 2007

Watershed Walk

From Thursday thru Monday
lots and lots
happening from Sugarloaf Park,
and the beginning of the Sonoma Creek
to the bay, and
the end

our valley:
a big basin
to scoop water
toward the bay
and then
the ocean

water in circles
rain down,
in ground
in creek,
up to air,
out to ocean
up to air
rain down

the circles of
and the round way
we really see the world
and this square box
called the computer
usually in a square box
called a home
or an office

oh, well

nice things:
ceremony this morning
led by Teresa Rousseau
of Earth Dance Cirlce
led the benediction this morning
in a circular meadow
and we worshiped the four directions
and it was nice
forgot up and down
and still
it was nice

later today
songs by a creek

and then
a strange
in the best sense of the word (new and not in old robot comfort zone)
and wonderful dance
by ledoh

like this

well later for the pics
blogger is acting up

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