Monday, January 14, 2008

Denmark, a happy society, from my sis

she watched a program
and saw this
and was impressed
about how the country
did good things
and seemed to care about
and that made
for happy people:

Denmark---the doctors and other "rich" pay up to 63% of their income as taxes so that there isn't that much difference in income from top to bottom. A Dane prince works as a carpenter. 93% of all Danes participate in a singing or dancing club.(That would be the end of me right there, possessing negative talent in both areas. And if you get together some people to start a club, the gov't pays for it. Medical care is free, school is free. People aren't interested in material goods and they ride bikes (presumably when there isn't 4 ft of snow) rather than drive because it's good for them. They even have laughing clubs. The garbage man was treated like a king and only had to work 5 hours so that he could coach his daughter's handball team.

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