Monday, January 21, 2008

The Meaning of Life, or: Loving What is

you know how they say, love won’t pay the rent.

That’s true.

And still, it’s what we live for, when we slow down enough to admit what is making our lives wonderful.

And it’s not the love of others, though, of course, that is fine and dandy.

It’s the loving of others,
that sweetens the moments
our hearts out to meet this infinite miracle called life.

What does that mean?

I don’t know, or if I did, if would be just words.

This is more than words, and it
comes from now, and now is always
with us and the freedom of that
moment by moment open possibility: to love what is.
What is, ah. Always here.

And if I love it, I’m fine,
so fine it/ Life can almost

take my breath away.

And if I don’t love it:
man, can I suffer.

And even that is good: the suffering

is meant to be there: wake up,
Chris, wake up, it says,
you are suffering because you
have left the now and the
love and the connection to
yourself that is why you
meant to be.


That is all.
For now.

This now.

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