Sunday, January 06, 2008

What is the Real Work?

any foolish semi-wise person
will answer:
the real work is
and fill in whatever
they really like to
work on
and/ or have found valuable
and/or are
struggling with sincerely
with or without "results"

and that is fair enough

sometimes the real work
feels like this:

be be awake to the moment
the "worse" the moment,
the more useful and necessary the
being awake

sometimes to real work
appears to be thus:
keeping a good heart and good humor
in the light and evidence
of massive human greed stupidity, violence
and the breakdown of a marvelous ecosystem

sometimes the real work
seems to be
to be aware as
me for instance
does whatever they are going
typing onto a screen via a keyboard,
for instance

the real work
seems to be
to love the people
including ourselves
who seem like they need it the most

sometimes the
real work
seems to to
forgiving all those fools cretins and bad guys
who didn't realize that their job
in life was to
flatter us
answer our phone calls
agree with us
say nice thing to and
about us

so on

maybe it's all
if we go about
it in a certain way

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