Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the glory and sweetness of life

marlie in room
windows of life, on life,
in life

Life is long and hard.
Life is short and simple.
Life is long and simple.
Life is long and hard.

All of these could be true, all could be false.

What is this moment?

Here’s a clue, to me and you: it is neither hard, nor soft.
It= life.
And, as living being we are either,
breathing in or
breathing out,
or pausing,
or (and this happens a bit more than
we might wish) tensing between breaths.

Life is knowing this,
or not knowing this.

Life is knowing
or not knowing
about our arms and legs, and spine,
the ribs,
our pelvis,
our ribs,
the pelvis,
the sound of whatever is
right now.

for me
click click of keyboard,
for you,

what is your music now?
what does your heart wish for?

can we have a wish
and make is sweet
not pretending that it is already here
not desparing that it is not yet here
just sweet
to be now
and sweet to be in a possibility
of some sweeter unfolding
in life

and sometimes that unfolding
comes most
when we wish so little
that it doesn't even seem like
a wish
except it is,
the wish to be connected


la, la

And this is sweet.

Seems so simple, so maybe life is simple, and yet
we make it so complicated, we have so many requirements before we’ll let ourselves come to the simple nowness of each moment:
• we have a lot of stuff to do
• we have clocks that are telling us to hurry
• we have minds that are telling us to hurry because the clocks says whatever it says
• we have other people’s expectations we are worried about
• we have our own expectations that we are worried about
• we have obligations, some quiet worthy and noble, some added on for reasons that we all know aren’t so entirely noble
• we have our habits, our routines, our ruts
• and so on

And so what?

In any moment, we can be here with our breathing, with our connection to gravity, with our awareness of light and sound.

We can feel at ease inside, our minds and our bodies.
And if not as at ease as we wish, we can
just what
or sort of what
is stopping us.

And in our looking
in the moment,
will always find
a sweetness we may or
may not
have been expecting.

This is amazing.
Maybe I’ll remember this today. Maybe you will too.
Good sweet luck to us all.

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