Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Love," "Being In Love," Woody Allen, mindfulness, stupidity


i know you aren't supposed to say
Woody Allen is stupid
and he does make halfway
intelligent movies

and one,
if one is me,
wishes so much for the other half of intelligence

Vicki Christina Barcelona
goes on and on,
has some hot sex,
even a trio that has the dark woman
and the "blond" (bottle blond)
and the dark handsome scruffy artist
huggy huggy kiss, kiss

and somehow "being in love"
is the goal
of life
and no one in the movie
betrays an ounce of awareness of either
what love
or what
being in love is

oh, well

let's make a little stab at it:

"love" is wanting, wishing and acting
such that the one
you "love"
will have a good, happy, and wonderful life

"being in love"
is that sort of romantic opening,
when people come out of their little
me/ me/ me shell and realize:
ohmygod, there is another person
in the world,
and they are fascinated and thrilled
by that person
and obsess about that person
and want to be around that person
and if luck has it
get to do wet goey wild sex with that person
which makes the myth:
this person is the one who makes it all
happy, happy, happy for me
seem to be true

"being in love"
is sweet:
a realization of the wonder of another being
and nuts:
a story that the other person is
making the happiness that is firing off

what's really happening is
when we "fall in love"
we shut down our "staying out of love"
through which most of our life operates

and how does the
"staying out of love" mechanism work?

I am worse than
I am better than
I am different than
You scare me, worry me, annoy me

We are separate
and what I see is how you will impact my
me/ me/ me world

the world of business
that world of war
the world of politics
the world of popularity and celebrity
and manipulation

most of the world

and then we take a walk
if lucky:
"fall in love"
with the sky, or a rose,
or a passing smiling person
or a cloud
or being alive

anything's possible
and being alive
is the miracle

being in love
could be
being in love
with possibility
the Universe
the miracle of Now

something like that

and so
mindfulness brings us
to loving the whole world
and stupidity
keeps us searching
for just the Right One
for Being in Love

sounds harsh,
and it's stupidity to believe
in any words
over the experience of now,
even these


such sweet stuff,
and do I have to drag up gunk over at
108 days?

don't have to,
no requirement
to dig in and do the work every

and I will:
the work isn't over until I've cleaned up
all the residual gripes and complaints
and worries and fears and angers:

it's a lot
and it's the gold mine of compost
for the heart and soul:

Marlie should want to form an amazing combination
of yoga and Feldenkrais/ Anat Baniel thinking with me:
Is that true?

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