Friday, October 24, 2008

Impermanence and Bliss

Marlie and cosmos

Impermanence and Bliss:

Here we go again:

Supposedly the Buddha,
said something along the lines of:
"Life is suffering"

la, la

one could quite sweet do the
Byron Katie work on that

to wit:

Judge Your Neighbor/ Reality/ Have a concept-thought.
Write it down.
Ask four questions.
Turn it around.

The 4 Q's???
1. Is it true?
2. Can I absolutely know it's true?
3. How do I react when I believe/ attach to it being true?
4. Who or what would I be without the story/ thought/ concept?

And the turn around.

Is it true
"Life is suffering"

Ans: I don't know. Sometimes I suffer. Sometimes I don't.
But "life????"
I don't know, the state of newness, a nice state.

Can I absolutely know that this thought
is true?


How do I react when I attach to the
thought that
"Life is suffering"?

sad, worried, stingy, blaming, feeling sorry,
looking for the grungy lining,
cynical, resigned, gloomy

Who would I be without the
story that
"Life is suffering"

Watching my own life:
when am I suffering,
and where is the thought behind that suffering,
is that necessary.
when am I not suffering,
what is the action/ attention/ organization
behind my

Turn around:
Sometimes life is suffering,
and sometimes not.

And impermanence:
this seems to be what is.

And the sweet way of Byron Katie,
or Katie as we call her,
taking on the 100% winning bet
when she goes for loving
What Is.

My relationship is ending.
That's What Is.
That's impermanence.
Can I love that?


Wow:how can that be?

Not only easy,
but extremely pleasurably, like, you know, bliss,
coming to this
from a place of joy, clarity
and understanding how big love
really is.

Best to you,
this is right there for you
to find, too.

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