Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanking Two


the sun
our source
of free energy

the amazing explosion
93 million miles away
and a tiny sliver of this huge
being's energy (a million times the size of
comes to us

grows the grass that feeds
the cows
that graze down near Fresno
and are milked in the pastures
and then the milk
raw milk
sent to stores all over California
raw milk
thankful to
and raw milk
and the magic of bacteria
to make
from the last batch of keffir

thanks to sun

for drying towels

towel in sun

for drying dishes
dishes in sun

for giving Marlie a warm
morning in which
to plant some spinach seeds
marlie planting in sun

that the night is dark
and sleep comes

and then the day
the sun,
sun thru tree

sometimes bright,
sometimes hidden

but always there
keeping life going
on this beautiful, amazing planet


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