Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Twelve: Coming to Ease via Aware Moving/ Learning / Waking UP

Coming to “Ease”

Lots of life can be made so much sweeter by finding an “ease” in anything and everything we do.

The quickest way to start this is to learn to move in easier and more clear ways. We have been moving since we came into existence, in the womb and out; and along the way we stopped increase the skill and ease of most of our movements.

So let’s take a simple movement, and get some ease and awareness and clarity and enjoyment as we go about it.

Sit or stand and turn your head right and left. Do this only a few times, and notice if you try to “crank” to some imagined limit, or you just flop, flop back and forth to get it over.

Now, again, just once, slowly and with awareness, turn your head once to the right and once to the left and notice what it is like and what, if any, difference is there, right and left.

Now, again just a few times with slowness and awaring, turn your head just to the left and back to the middle.

Rest and bit and see how you feel.

Now put the back of your right hand on your left cheek, and thinking of the hand and right shoulder and ribs as “friends” of your neck, turn your head and its “friends” to the left and back to the middle, a bunch of times, Go slowly. Don’t go to any limit. Find out about your ribs.


Now, take the same position as above, and turn to the left with head and hand and right shoulder and ribs, and come back a bit and stop. Now let another set of “friends” turn to the left. Let your eyes go to the left and right from the nose pointing direction, many times.

Come back to the middle and rest. Not from fatigue, but to rest your brain and allow it to integrate any learning. And to sense yourself after movement and notice any changes.

Now turn to the left with your ribs, and your head and your eyes. See if this is a different experience than the first time. All day, be aware of turning and ribs and eyes.

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