Sunday, December 27, 2009

Liking what "it" doesn't like

Liking what "it" doesn't like

Gurdjieff has this idea, a harsh and amazingly
liberating one:
"Like what 'it' doesn't like"

where 'it' is the
part of us

and what does liking what this 'it'
doesn't like
come to be

it comes to be loving our enemies
because when people do something
our 'it' doesn't like
(snarl at us, disrespect us, treat us like an object,
lie to us, ignore us, scold us)
we become wrapped up
in our pain,
in the me me me world of suffering

this is where the Work of Byron Katie
can come in handy
(plenty of links to that,
click on the labels below is you wish)

the deal is: when
we are busy believing the 'it'
in us
and fighting the way someone treated us,
we are not free

not free to love
not free to be happy
not free to see what is behind their suffering which is always behind their "bad" behavior
not free to be spontaneous and useful to them

how to like what 'it'
doesn't like

1.notice when we are not liking reality

2.come back to something higher:
the present
inner silence
remembering who we are without the story

3. see if that gives us freedom
to like
the thing 'it' doesn't like,
if nothing else,
for waking us up

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