Thursday, January 07, 2010

67: To heaven, one breath remembered/ sensed/felt/ enjoyed at a time

One breath and awakening at a time

We breathe in. The first sentence of the book was something to that effect. Maybe the last will be a breathing sentence also.

This is our sentence in life: you want to live, breathe. It’s the law of motion, the law of life. No breathing, no fire inside (metaphorical, and the real deal: oxygen combining with our food to combine real heat in our real bodies), no fire inside no energy, no energy, no motion, no motion, no life.

So be it.

And most life doesn’t require and/ or have the gift that we humans have, the gift of awareness.

We can be aware that we are breathing.

Right now, we can be aware that we are breathing.

And right now, too.

This is so cool. You don’t have to wait until the “time is right” to be aware of your breathing. You can be healthy or not so. You can be beautiful, or not so. Young or old, rich or poor, blah or blah, you get the point and even while reading these little ink spots on the page, or pixels on the computer, or hearing these vibrations in the air, you are either: breathing in, at a pause between breathing in and breathing out, breathing out, or at a pause between breathing out and breathing in.

Holding the breath you have to be in one of those pauses, and whatever we start up doing once the holding is done gives us a clue where the pause was.

And that doesn’t matter.

Doesn’t even matter that we are breathing in or out.

Just the game matters, and only to you if you want it to. What fun can you have today seeing sensing noticing feeling enjoying exploring just where you are in the breathing game?

That’s it.

Heaven is this moment with nothing more required. Following or sensing our breathing is one way to come to the moment. Keep returning and returning. Enjoy. Enjoy.

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