Friday, January 15, 2010

76: Real choices, all the time

If reality is “enough” then what?

Today is like this: thinking and feeling and experiencing everything as two possibilities.

One, the possibility of “this sucks.” I.e. you don’t “like” the reality. So we’re at question three in the Katie work: How do you react when you attach to the thought…that in some way Reality should be different.

Two, the possibility in question four: Who or what would you be without the story/ thought/ belief that this little chunk of reality should be different. The possibility of “loving what is.”

And that doesn’t mean you can’t go get a pair of socks if your feet are cold, it’s just the you won’t take it personally that your feet are cold. That’s what is now, and doing something about it is one of the main games and joys of life.

So we put on socks and put on smiles and write letters, and go to work and get stuck in traffic.

Some things we can change, our socks. Some things we might not be able to change, the traffic.

And everything is fair game to try out: demanding that reality be the way we want it, and “letting” reality be what it is. As if we had a choice.

See how much you can smile today as reality keeps on being “what it is” without any push or pull from us.

And if you don’t feel like smiling, see what that is about.

And how does today play out if you play with seeing and hearing and sensing reality as something you can complain about and as something you can experience and love.


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