Sunday, January 24, 2010

84: What is amazing in your life?

Amazing: a friend re-discovered a new way

What is amazing in your life?

What is amazing about life?

Think about this all day.

Write a list.

Breathe the question.

Be open to all of life. How amazing to be able to read. How amazing to be able to taste. How amazing to have the blue sky. How amazing that you can drive or walk or ride a bike or play a musical instrument or pay movie and go to a movie or get a library card and check out a book.

Many times think about this.

Many times write down a bunch of things.



Recover missing delights, or re-discover what you used to delight in and have somehow forgotten the charm.

How many charmed moments and aspects of life. That people have different color hair, or skin, on eyes. That people speak different languages. That people who speak the same language think in very different ways.

That we all have certain things in common.

And so on.

Take the day.

Have some fun.

Expand out into the answer you are discovering and writing down.

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