Wednesday, January 27, 2010

day 87, heaven, of a bit of a "hard" sort, but WORTH IT

the body thing, why not sense ourselves?

The heaven of attention

Try this game today, and it “ain’t” so easy.

One time as you breathe in, sense your left foot and as your breathe out, sense your right hand.

The next time you breathe in, sense your right foot and as you breathe out, sense your left hand.

Keep doing this, all the time, if you can.

Like now, reading this book, or hearing it.

Like when you put the book down.

And so on.

“Thoughts” will come in and take over our attention. Are they really so important? Can we sense the foot and hand and follow our breathing underneath our thoughts if they are important?

Can we let them go if they aren’t.

Don’t try too hard, and keep your effort smiling and see what happens.

It’s just life.

It’s just a day.

It’s just getting our attention back for ourselves.

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At 2:40 AM , Blogger 過年嚕 said...

你的部落格很棒,我期待更新喔 .........................................


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