Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day Thirteen: Lucky Thirteen

Time is usually a mechanical construct, but there are real seasons to a year, and to a day. Taking a walk with sensing and tuning in to these seasons, is a sweet way to wake up to a different aspect of “now.”

Today, the thirteenth day of our sojourn, I’ll call lucky. I’m prejudiced, having been born on the thirteenth (Friday the 13, 1945, a while back, a war still going on, a great President having just died the day before). And who else thought thirteen lucky and significant?

The witches of Europe, who numbered maybe in the millions until the Church didn’t like woman having smarts, and didn’t like connection to natural life, and didn’t like people who discovered life from the Earth up, rather than from Authority down. So, a twelve month calendar was a necessity, instead of the witches 13 moon year.

The moon is full 13 times a year, and each moon month is roughly the same length, and all have nothing to do with some construct on paper, but with the real rotation of the moon around our planet. February is an idea. A full moon during the time of deepest snows and short days getting a bit longer, is a part of life’s natural rhythm.

So, hey, today, take a walk or two, and sense with your feet and your moving legs, and hands and moving arms, and spine holding up your head, and eyes taking in the world, and breathing coming and going in its own rhythm, sense how this season, whatever season you are in feels, at a subtle and everyday sensory level, to you.

And play with awakening also to the season of the day. Again, 5 in the afternoon is a construct that crowds the freeways of the world, but a time in the season of the day when the sun is setting, or moving toward setting, and coolness or darkness might or might not be coming according to the season in the year, this is all there, throughout the day.

Day a walk or two and sense the season of the year and the season of the day. Stay as happily present in sensation and sight and sound and awaring as you can. Enjoy.

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