Friday, March 05, 2010

Day Six: This is my life, hmmm, interesting

This is our life, today, now, this moment.

Sometimes we have this funny idea, as if we are in some sort of rehearsal, and that later, “sometime,” our real life will start. Almost as if we are in some sort of prison, or suspended animation, and when we get out, our “real life” will start. But hey, even in prison, each moment is our life. And that’s all our prison: forgetting this life, right now.

So, have fun, or feel the tragedy of how much we miss it, but play with awakening to the realization t:

This moment in our life.

Right now.

Play with this as many times as you would like and enjoy:

This moment, now, this is my life.

This can sometimes be an incentive for a different way of feeling and living. Even my writing, you reading,

this is our life.

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