Thursday, February 25, 2010

day 108: this is the beginning

This is the beginning

Every day offers you hundreds of chances to be yourself, to be alive in the moment, to learn something new, to sense yourself deeply, to enjoy other people, to do things you like and love to do.

There is a Tolstoy fable/ story toward answering the question: What is the best time? Who is the best person for you?
The answer: NOW.
Whoever you are with.

See if this day can be one more start toward realizing and living and loving your life that way.

Possible wonders:

To be present.

To love what is in front of you.

To love what is arising inside you.

To calm and quiet the thinking by sensing more.

To follow the breathing.

To love whomever you are around.

To love yourself.

To love life.

To be empty and present and let that be a worldless / wordless “something” like love.





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