Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines to you, day 102: Write yourself a Love Letter

Loving life, loving you

Send yourself a love letter. Think of things and aspects you love and enjoy and admire about other people.

Find them all in yourself.

In the letter today, write about how much you like these parts of yourself.

In your day today look around and enjoy seeing in others wonderful characteristics, and see that these are part of you, too.

Write paragraphs alternating: one paragraph written with your right hand, one with your left. This way, no matter what your favorite: both sides of your brain will get to write sweet words of you to you.

Praise yourself for little things, and for big things. Praise and love yourself for wonderful things you do and the not so wonderful.

Remember the Jesus, love your enemies, stuff: Love your not so great parts, and send, in words, paragraphs of love to yourself for your mistakes, or your bad days, as well as your learning and your good days.

Try to be the perfect lover, all accepting parent, total good friend, happy buddy in this letter. Treat this letter like the most wonderful possible Valentine’s card / letter you can send yourself.

P.S. If you want to, make a loving collage for yourself, too.

Think loving thoughts to yourself all day as well, and let them spill over to others, if you are so inclined. But keep plenty for you. Plenty, amusement, affection, love and appreciation, of you, all for you.


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