Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day 104: slowing down

Go slow. Go slowly

We’ve done this before, and it’s getting near the end of our one hundred and eight days and going slow is one of the great helpers on the road to a waking life. Slowing down enough to put our awareness on sensing ourselves. Slowing down enough to know we are breathing. Slowing down enough to pull out a pad of paper and “do the Work,’ when our thoughts want to rush us into madness.

Be it madness of believing in nonsense, or madness of anger at ourselves or others. What if we slowed in the middle of emotional nonsense and sensed ourselves and took a deep breath and knew we were breathing and then began to sense ourselves

Would life begin to make more sense then? Probably.

Would we be able to act from the moment rather than react from something like a robot in our patterns of behavior?


The busy-ness of life and the business of life. They happen. We don’t have to believe in them. Somewhere inside we can have our attention on real sensation, and real light and real sound.

Right now real sensing and real light and real sound.


Clocks and time pressure want to pull us away from our real lives. We don’t need to go on vacation, or stay in a trance, or meditate in solitude all day.

But we can make all of the day, this day, any day, every day, our meditation.

We can refuse to take the busy-ness personally.

We could be present to our breathing and your five lines and find something slow and sweet and amusing about each moment we are in.

Slowing down to recapture our selves in our lives in this moment, that seems like a fine way to spend the day, yes?

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