Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day Two: Arms and Legs of Our Lives

We walk about on two legs. We reach out into the world with two arms, hands at the end. Might our life be more present if we were sensing our arms and legs and hands and feet as we went about our day?

Can we sense our arms and legs while sensing our breathing and being present?

That's the game for today.



And being awake is pretty amazing. Give it a go and see what life opens up for you.

Hands are handy. Fingers are amazing. Sense from shoulder blade out to fingers while you are walking, talking, reading, work.

Hard, and very wow.

Feet hold us up, often are forgotten, we can sense them, and the toes even sometimes and sense all the way up to our hip sockets. This is a lot of us. This is a lot of very concrete "paying attention" to ourselves.

This can work wonders for wanting "attention" from others.

And arms and legs and fingers and toes, what a lot of awaring practice this can be.

Work pleasurably hard. Laugh when you forget, find lots of pleasure and curiosity when you succeed.

This is just you, in this moment, breathing and having these two wonderful arms, two wonderful hands, two wonderful legs, two wonderful feet. (Most of us, and to realize that all don't make the sensing and waking to ourselves all the more precious, don't you think?)

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