Friday, February 26, 2010

Again? Yes. DAY ONE: Breathing, Awaring, Living, Yes!

We breathe all the time. We can be aware of our breathing. We can be aware of the difference being aware of our breathing makes. We can be aware of this action of ‘awaring,’ and get a sense of how central that is to being human.

As long as we are alive, we are breathing. We are breathing and we can know this, or not know this.

We have a brain that learns by noticing differences.

We have an awareness that wakes up when we return to being aware of life as it is, right now.

We have the ability to wake up to the reality that we haven’t been living in the now, over the last bit of our lives.

This is all good, great, wonderful amazing.

This book is an idea, a series of ideas and adventures and possibilities: ways of exploring a waking and vital and amusing and pleasure and love filled life. You might enjoy it.

There are 108 practices/ activities/ meditations/ games / things to try/ experiments, maybe to be done over 108 days.

Here’s day one’s:

Today’s game, what is the difference we can notice when we remember, follow and sense our breathing.

A whole lot of this 108 day journey will be about “sensing” ourselves while we go about “everyday” life, which is in itself a bit of an amazing miracle. And when we “sense” ourselves, we seem to more deeply and immediately connect with our being aliveness, whatever that is. An experience, surely, beyond words.

“Sensing” means feeling ourselves from the inside, as if our awareness were a hand. You can sense the inside of your hand, or the top of your neck, or the back of your left leg, or your right ankle. Or shift: sense your right big toe and your left thumb, and then your breathing and then your left foot.

The YOU inside you has the ability to move your awareness around and sense different parts of yourself.


This is the word for feeling ourselves physically. Can you sense right now where your right arm is, and the shape of it and the feel of it from the inside and outside, the bones and muscles and skin and aliveness of your arm?

Now sense your left arm.

How did you make that switch?

The YOU of you did it, is my idea.

And YOU are the one I am inviting on this 108 day journey of discovery.

Please take “time” today to sense yourself, in all sorts of ways. Take time away from, or in addition to scurrying down all the habitual grooves of thought, talk and behavior. Time away, or underneath to come back to breathing in, breathing out, and the sensation, the “sensing” in yourself as you do this.

Obviously this can change your whole life.

Notice, and notice again, the change when we return to awaring and sensing your breathing.

What does awaring mean?

Experience this for yourself. Discover. Play around. This is YOU. The game is waking up to our lives.

A good game, I think. What you discover will be what you discover.

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