Monday, June 28, 2010

110: The way we go emotionally: what gets it going?

We have thoughts. Which way do they point us?

This book will wander through “body,” “emotional learning,” “thinking” and “soul,” as did the Tao of Now, the first 108 day foray into getting “closer” to the now of reality and happiness and our true self. And here we are on day two, and even though the section says “emotional learning,” today’s game has partially to do with our “thinking.”.

Like this: the idea/ game/ suggestion is that we watch our thoughts today, and see if we can discover two different kinds of thinking, with two very different results in our emotional well-being. It appears as if some thoughts lead us toward happiness and other thoughts lead us to unhappiness.

Can you notice three things today:

One: the shape of your spine.

Two: if you are having a thought.

Three: if that thought is leading you toward happiness or unhappiness.

This can be wonderfully useful, having attention in our body and on our emotional inclination and aware of the thoughts as they come and go.

It’s almost as if we are capturing a huge swath, right here, of being human: to feel as sensation, to feel as emotion, to have “thoughts.”

Enjoy being such a rich an amazing being.

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