Tuesday, November 30, 2010

today is a bit like winter

In Austin Texas

 many of the days in October and November have been what we'd call a fine summer day on Orcas Island,
except there isn't that moist ocean salt water feeling in the background,

and that green lushness
nor the blackberry apple abundance all around

People in Austin could grow
lots of fruit and greens,
so far I haven't seen much.

Could put their clothes out in
the dry heat.
the old solar clothes dryer, aka clothesline
Haven't seen much.

Oh, well. There are cars and lots of freeways
and some amazing people
trying to find God, or great Spirit
or community
or dance heaven nirvana
or love
or their real work

in other words
it's just like any place
where real people
haven't given up
on the miracle of being human


it's good
is good

and from Thanksgiving on
with two very different,
equally interesting amazing parties
one full of love
the other full of creativity fueled by the
herb of aging hippie choice

good parties
and the weather dropped
and since then
real cool in the evening
not endless balmy

this isn't southern California
after all

harsh soil
sweet smell in the air
even if not ocean
too many roads, people
it's a magnet, a southern success

the deer look unhealthy
the people are beautiful
the waters are huge
and plentiful


and tomorrow I'm back to California
for 9 more days of training in the Anat Baniel Method

that'll take me to 209 days of training

after that, I hope to start being support staff
in March

so California, here I come,
back to visit Sonoma
and Wenonah

and Brendan

and a whole other cast of characters

to be making what seems like 3 homes


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