Thursday, December 30, 2010

resolutions, 1

people like to make resolutions at the end of the year

this is the end of the year

the calender makes some sense in the seasons and that life moves forward

and what dreams and aims and goals do we want to move toward this year?

Moshe Feldenkrais talked about real health as
1. bouncing back from trauma
2. making real your vowed and unavowed dreams

and his method, and the way Anat has carried it on
is about this:
teaching us that small and aware steps
taken almost for the joy of the process of taking
the steps
can lead to huge changes

in the so-called "body"
and in our "thinking"
and in
our lives

so, what's next for us this year?

let's have some big dreams
and tomorrow
and Saturday

let's take three days
to play
with the big and small and fantastical and practical dreams

and then let's play
and explore
and discover the pleasure in
taking action
these dreams

is that a good plan?

who knows,
and you don't need a plan,
and an idea
can be a glider to soar
on for a little while

and it's the dark time of the year
the go within time
and the party party time
and the drink too much time
or the meditate and get clear time

and time is fictional mainly
outside of the sunrise noon sunset
and fall winter spring summer

and it's time
to come
back to the now

for me

and for you?
your call.
where does you laughter and love and curiosity
and wishing for your dreams
call you


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