Sunday, January 02, 2011

998: Happiness is an inside job

You know, some people say that happiness is the purpose 
of human existence.

What would a tree say is the purpose of being a tree?
If it could talk, which luckily,
it can't,
it would probably say that the tree's purpose was to be a tree.

Being a tree might just to the exactly wonderful thing
that makes a tree happy,
and so a tree must be pretty happy
all the time.

And how about you, fellow human.
It's supposedly a New Year, and there is various huff and puff
about the Mayan calender next year,
and whether that has anymore substance than the hundred's of "time ending"
that have crowded up and into history throughout
the centuries,
who knows.

And is today happy for you?

Is right now,
reading this notice on this computer sitting in
whatever chair you are sitting in?

If you were happy, how would you know?
If you weren't happy, how would you know?

Is happiness, like water boiling, something best noticed after the fact,
or can it be conjured up into being whenever we wish?

This is today's game:
be happy all day.

When you aren't happy,
be happy that you can discover something, some difference
that makes a difference, about how you go about making yourself

Read that sentence again: notice how YOU go about making yourself

Be happy for the chance.

When you are happy,
takes some notice and awaring into discovering the other side
of this action:
how do YOU contribute to your own happiness.

Any fool can blame another for their unhappiness.
Many a later disillusioned person will "blame" another person
for their happiness.

Pretend for today that happiness is an inside job,
and see how you go about these two actions:
making yourself unhappy
making yourself happy.

Bon voyage. 

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