Saturday, February 19, 2011

try 3, something must be being learned, is that true?

I don't know
here we go:

in the airport
on the way:
where to: Austin, Texas
more special needs kids
warmer winters
son suggested it, his buddy is a supposed "in" to lots of people
met someone at a conference in Chicago in July: they made it sound amazing,
hippy church, open people from all over

why special needs kids
where from:
small island in the pacific northwest, orcas island
amazing place
and only 4000 people there in the winter
supposed to be a cold winter
dark, even if not cold
and only a few special needs kids
one of whose parent is how I met Orcas Island,
he's another
Anat Baniel Method practictioner

two journeys so far:
Orcas to Austing
What is Anat Baniel method practioner
and what does that have to do with this:

the table,
in front of me, on the stage, unopened

couple behind in line:
are you some sort of body worker

me: well it looks to outsiders like body work,
but it's brain learning, repatterning, helping the person
learn and move and think and especially, be present to themselves in new ways


m: well, i didn't really say that>
brain work that looks like body work

we're both accupuncturists, we have a real fondness for seeing the
tables where the work takes place, what do you call your work

m: the anat baniel method is my deepest training
originally trained as and am practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method

c: oh, yes. we know it well.
where are you going?

where am I going

which is here,
and I know two people, well three, though two fairly well,
and both haven't time patience curtousy whatever to contact me
when i tell them i'm thinking of moving here

so why move?

wanted a change
wanted bigger client base

wanted to see what a place would be like
that I didn't already have set up

because i'm always on the move?

not really,
but in February of 2009 I left behind 12 years in
one of the world's supposed paradises
and took off for a month at a time in
various pre set up places,
all with a friend, or almost friend waiting with a place
to stay for a month

And before Sonoma,
where I was established enough to have designed
and created a 3 acre garden
and run for city council
there was
22 years in Berkeley,
where I raised to kids to high school, and beyond
and transitioned out of sitting on the butt work of
doing therapy
to moving around and making thing work
of design build and landscaping

And that's another journey
the spiritual journey of sit on the butt
and do goody goody meditation
and the reading of sufi stories
to the Gurdjieff work where the mediation
is to sit in the morning
and do
and then get up and do
all day

sense both arms,
both legs,
notice sound come in my ears
light coming in my eyes

something i could much more easily do
building decks and additions
and putting in gardens
that sitting in a room
talking to people

and the journey away from therapy
and back, later,
to being able to help people with any of that
via the work of Byron Katie

at the airport:
on the way to Austin

Oakland airport, October 16
and the previous Octover 16 I'd come to Orcas Island,
leaving it several times for training in
the Anat Baniel method

that journey: getting more skilled

what is it?

move ourselves,
in groups,
hand guided

someone want to lie on the table?
anyone in the audience want a little journey
of guided movement,
and your brain will be a little better tuned
and you'll feel more flexible and younger and
more present

all bets are off for humans,
but each lesson
is a journey of discovery:

so journey:
Of you in your seats
Of someone here on the table
of me spiritually going out to do gardens and build gazebos,
fun for the Stanford book learning man
and the spiritual work is fine
but if the back hurts
the back hurts and in Berkeley
where I'm raising kids and making money
and being awake to arms and legs and breathing and light
and sound
or not

and what if we
now shift to arms and legs
and light and sound
and begin to turn your heads

no first

no first

and does coming back to now shift your
and is that shift a journey
and is to create an opening for that inner shift
why we take these outer journeys

and the back hurts in the work
and Berkeley is full of Feldenkrais classes
and I lie down on the floor and make simple
and feel healed

so that is a start of my F/ ABM journey

and then Berkeley becomes the garden journey,
Berkeley Botanical Garden,
and landscaping
finally a Permaculture training
and I have to move to The Land
to begin to grow food,
become a farmer

looking many places,
22 years in Berkeley
what is the "right" spot
Santa Cruz

and so on

22 done,

I like this


let's throw in some Sonoma pictures

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