Friday, May 06, 2011

Unhappiness as a huge clue to choosing happiness

Choosing Happiness.

This is a trick.

Go through your day paying attention to whether or not you are happy.

If you are happy, keep your attention on the present and enjoying and deepening your experience of the present.

If you are not happy, think of this as a chance to see if you are in the present or not.

Most likely you are not.

Most likely there is a thought/ belief/ worry/ opinion/ idea you are believing.

Chose to bring your attention out of the thought/ story/ belief back into the present.

Not to be happy.

Just to be present.

See if this is not actually an easier way of “choosing happiness” than any old fashioned “pursuit of happiness.”

Repeat: just use unhappiness as a huge clue: I’m not present now.


This is like saying: your life could be totally free and different by reacting to unhappiness not as something to escape, but as a clue, one huge banging you over the head clue, that you aren’t being present.

A wake up call, as it were.

So unhappiness, too, is a gift to our life.


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