Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Will I ever come back to Sonoma?

Will I ever come back to Sonoma?

It doesn't seem likely now, unless I started an Institute there. And then, our at the edges of town, but not quite as isolated as the Sonoma Zen Center,
the future home of the Mindfulness Living Institute.

the Work of Byron Katie
Organic veggies, fruit and meat

And the people to do all this.
And the people to come.

What a big circus of fun that could be.
And right now:
this seems impossible.

So, that's a good start.

"This is impossible."

Is that true?
I don't know.

Can I absolutely know that that is true?

When I hold that thought and believe it, what happens?
Close down.
"Skip it."
Scoffing at myself.
Imagine derisive voices.

And then,

If I didn't have that thought, and contemplated the idea of a Center in Sonoma ( or Hawaii, or Mexico, or Costa Rica),
it's a curious possibility.

Not something I want to work on right yet,
but something to mull in the background now and then.

And what will come of that?

I don't know.

The turn around ( we are doing the Work of Byron Katie, here):
It is possible.

Who knows?

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