Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 19: Who are we, how we suffer, when we believe the story

We can be ‘right” until we’re blue in the face. And Katie’s third question helps us face what the consequences of being attached to our thought. Question #3: How do I react (feel, act, react, live, exist in my body, behave around others) when I attach to the thought?

So, we’re judged our somebody, ex-spouse, parents, evil co-worker, whomever. We’ve written it down in should or shouldn’t form. We’ve asked the firs two questions: Is it true? Can I absolutely know that this it true?

Now the third question, the consequence question, and this best calls for pencil and paper, also. We ask and then write down a list of how we react when we believe and attach to this thought.

All the consequences, we write down. “So and so should have been more ‘fair’ to me.” Write down how you react when you hold this one: is it sad, angry, withdrawing, vicious gossip, feeling the victim, whatever.

My mother/ father/ child “should” be more….

Again, get into believing it, and write down all that happens when you do.

This may be painful, but it’s what we already do to ourselves when we believe and attach to our opinions/ stories ‘ beliefs/ thoughts.

This is getting it clear, in front of our face.

So today, when unhappiness sneaks in, ask the first three questions and see what happens.

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