Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 20: A peek into the Other Universe

In the fourth question of the work of Byron Katie, we ask: #4: Who or what would I be if I didn’t have this thought, or didn’t attach to this thought?

This isn’t say, “let it go,” though if you can, great.

If you can’t, do this question: imagine just for a second or two, or longer, that the other person is doing whatever they do to drive you crazy, bother, “hurt” you.

And you see them doing it in your mind’s eye.

But you don’t have the story that they should be any different. You don’t believe the should or the shouldn’t.

You aren’t at war with “What Is.”

See how this feels.

Contrast it with how you feel when you do believe (#3) that they should be different, or that the world should be different.

Just notice.

No requirement to shift, change, or as I’ve said, to “let go.” Just notice.

And today, go for all four questions when any unhappiness comes along:

#1: Is it true?

#2: Can I absolutely know that this is true?

#3 How do I react when I attach to this thought?

#4: Who or how would I be without attaching to this thought?

See what happens.

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