Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What who thoughts on:: : God

This was our assignment in class tonight as part of to yoga teacher training,
I'm presently taking at Ananda.

Here's what I wrote:

Thoughts on, Who is God:

is the world of Nature
is the Vastness of the Universe
via Byron Katie, God is everything

old time assholes' God:
God is the big dude who has all the rules
God is My Rules get to kill your rules
God is the Judge who says what people should do
God is on "our side."

in this Ananda setting, it appears that God is
beyond words
supremely worth unifying with

My now idea of
being silent
that thrilled current of Life
of Awareness
of being part of a VAst Universe
of being given this gift of Life

God as evolution and Nature
and some weird sort of
mystical undercurrent
of love

right now (when i wrote the assignment)
God is being in this class
where the teachers are good
enough to bring up the chance
for us all to write
"What is your idea of God?"

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