Thursday, October 04, 2007

Night Writing

reed lake

'tis late
i've reviewed the learnings of today
and now
"something to say
worth saying"

ordered some books on
the Gudjieff work
from Amazon,
ashamed to admit,
but got the idea
reading Gurdjieff legacy,
which i first saw at Reader's Books,
and is published by
Arete Publications

One book
Eating the i
is about William Paterson's
coming of age
as a Gurdjieff teacher,
wrestling with all the i's
in his very human
and very earnest personality

learning to "remember himself,"
the enormity of that task

just started

don't know if he
let's on
what a thrilling
this is
without which
is but a pale

but i
bet he does

and Gurjieff's message:
humanity is asleep
in it's day to day living,
we all are,
and if we don't wake up:
disaster coming


what to do?

read more
self remember
do the The Work of Byron Katie
learn amazing ways of transforming
and learning such as The Anat Baniel Method
connect to nature
follow our breathing
strive to continuously meditate
wake up to now
learn how to love
plant a garden
follow our breathing when reading and writing and
talking and listening

and eating


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