Friday, October 05, 2007

Big Picture: We live, we move

fremontia flowers

if we are alive
we need to move


to get food
to make love and make more of us
to go to the car and drive ourselves crazy
or drive somewhere wonderful

we move to breathe
we move to think


why does it take longer to count from twenty to thirty
than from one to ten?

think about it
try it out
see how something like movement
is involved in something as
as counting

and getting up from the computer
going outside
to take a walk:

if we can do
that :
we have access to a good life

and if we can't
learning is at hand
and we need to recognize
the life we could be leading
is far more sweet than
that which we are leading

without comfortable
at ease movement
life is far less
wonderful than it might be

if you want to move
all sorts of ideas
on this and the companion sites.


maybe even check out
her new upgraded site at
Anat Baniel Method

and also the sweet new site
at Feldenkrais (rhymes with paradise) Method

and my other sites,
which you can find links to at the side



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