Friday, September 26, 2008

Love Is


love is

and that's so strange
to most people
most of the time

that's because
you and me
we forget
that love is about the other person:

when we want for the me, me, me
running out robot show,
then we are going to be disappointed,
sooner or later,
without fail

when we want the other person
to have
and do
exactly what they are doing
feel what they are feeling
like and dislike what they dislike

then it is easy:
because they are just doing what they
always do

another way of saying this:

love is
allowing the other person
to do, feel, be what they
doing, feeling, being

and the easiness:
we don't have a choice

and when we realize that:

a friend dies

what they did:
left the scene

a certain physical pain
may erupt for awhile,
but the suffering of
"they should still be here"
so I can talk to them, and
share time and love with them,
that's about me, me, me

a nice and loving part
of me, me, me

and still:
their path, their choice:
to die

can we love them
where they are
exactly where they are:
not here

and so,
as Marlie and I get along better
than ever
anyone I tell
that we are going to go separate ways
come February
or "feels bad for me," for
and yet,
we are just fine,
deeply loving

our path:
to be together now

our path:
to be apart after February

when that time comes
I'll either love her
as a person not sharing my daily life
and feel clear present and happy

I'll "miss" her
and want her to want to be connected
in our daily life,
which she doesn't want,
and then
I'll suffer

suffering is option

I'll do the work of Byron Katie

I like ongoing happiness, being present
and love

if you want the same for yourself,
you might try the work yourself.

your choice

your sweet and precious choice:


today's Work of Byron Katie
over at 108 days: Undoing a Wonderful Relationship with Love and Learning

"Other people should be more understanding of what
'Marlie and I are doing" Is that true?

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